OpenCPN. Concise and robust navigation software. Chart a course and track your position.

zyGrib. Weather data download and visualization of GRIB files format 1 and 2.

SDR-AIS. Receive and decode AIS with cheap DVB-T dongles. Calibration tools Included.

NMEA 0183. Receive, filter, multiplex and send NMEA data through serial and network inputs and outputs.

NMEA 2000. Connect an USB adapter to your N2K network to receive and send data.

Signal K Server. Convert data from sensors to Signal K and exchange data between all formats.

Compass. Heading, heel and trim from an IMU sensor. Tilt compensated. Self-calibration.

Autopilot. Build a cheap, accurate and complete autopilot with pypilot.

WiFi Access Point. Share NMEA and Signal K data with laptops, tablets and phones.

Headless. Access to OpenPlotter desktop from the cockpit through your mobile devices.

Dashboards. Build instrument panels to visualize data from your mobile devices.

1W sensors. Connect multiple temperature sensors. Motor, exhaust, fridge, water ...

I2C sensors. Connect temperature, pressure, humidity or light sensors.

Analog sensors. Measure battery charge, tank level or any data from an analog sensor.

Digital inputs. Connect common or specials switches. Detect smoke, opening doors, motion ...

Digital outputs. Activate relays, LEDs, buzzers ...

Actions. Use date, time or value of any data flowing through your system as a trigger to run multiple actions.

Share data. Publish data from your boat on Twitter or send emails and SMS automatically.

Remote Monitoring. Receive or send data to your boat while you are away.

Open tools. Use multiple built in tools to interact with the system and create your own ones.