First settings

General settings

Go to Menu > Preferences and select Raspberry Pi Configuration

A window will open where you can personalize your system.

It is a good idea to change the password to make OpenPlotter more secure. Click on Change Password (default password: raspberry).

If you do not change the password, anyone will be able to connect to OpenPlotter remotely. Please do it now.

If you need to set your system localisation, click on the Localisation tab and then on Set Locale (language), Set Timezone, Set Keyboard and Set WiFi Country buttons.

Network settings

If a WiFi access point is enabled please change the default password as soon as possible in Network tab. There you can disable the access point or set another network mode too.

Signal K settings

Signal K server provides many useful tools and you will have to visit its administration panel often. Go to Menu > OpenPlotter > Signal K.


Data visualization is open but settings is under authentication. Press Login button upper right.

User name: openplotter Password: openplotter

Please change this password as soon as possible. Login and go to Signal K > Security > Users > openplotter

Vessel data

If you are going to share data with other boats you should have an unique identifier. Login to Signal K and go to Server > Vessel data and change at least your boat name and MMSI.

Here you can also provide data about your boat that could be useful for some Signal K tools.