First boot

After creating the SD with OpenPlotter NOOBS installer, insert it into your Raspberry Pi, connect power and wait until a new WiFi network openplotter appears on the list of available access points. It could take up to half an hour to complete the process.

SSID: openplotter Password: 12345678


  • Install RealVNC Viewer on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smart-phone

  • Open VNC Viewer and select File -> New connection

  • Introduce the OpenPlotter address and press OK. If OpenPlotter is working as access point, the address is If it is working as client of another access point, you have to find out what address has the access point given to OpenPlotter.

  • Introduce the Username: pi

  • Introduce the Password: raspberry

  • Select Remember password, press OK and you are in!

Change passwords

Please change the WiFi access point defaul password and the pi user default password as soon as possible. If you do not do this, anyone will be able to connect to your system. See First settings.