Compass calibration

Place the IMU on its final position on board and away from possible sources of interference, especially from speakers.

Select IMU only in pypilot Mode or basic autopilot if you have a pypilot installation.

Press Calibration.

Being moored in port and the boat as more levelled as possible, go to imu tab and press Boat is level. After few seconds the 3D boat should be levelled.

If your IMU is not pointing to bow you can set an offset.

Do not close the Calibration window, select the compass tab and go sailing normally. The system will collect data from the IMU every 2 minutes.

When there are more than 60 degrees of heading variation and the collected points are valid, calibration will perform. The points will fit the blue sphere and a red cone will wrap them.

If enough valid data have been collected, the system will re-calibrate every 2 minutes . Every 5 minutes, calibration and level data are saved to be used on next sessions.